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Jew for Judaism
Jews for Judaism is the

only international, full-

time counter-missionary,

counter-cult, educational,

outreach and counseling

organization do














































go here be nice free

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Welcome to our world

of modesty where

women and girls are

happy to dress

tznius/modest. is a

Rabbinical approved

clothing store.


artscroll publishers
books that are reliable

learn about your backround

read who by fire read rashi

he is smart


 not idol worship

yFind Jewish Learning in Your Area


























 suport yeshivas











Schools and torah institutions of higher learning

Other interesting sites

School of Judaism



















If you are Jewish and you are divorced
from a Jew, you MUST get a Jewish

divorce in addition to a civil divorce

or there may be VERY SERIOUS

consequences for your future children! 

Click here to learn more.




7 mitzvas bnie Noach





                 jew jewish help links if you want to learn about Judaism, jewish therapy . com is the answer if you want to do self help online therapy or medical advice from mystical sources jewish therapy is your answer you are on the coca -coma page not to be confused with coca cola mind you sugar and many of its substitutes are not healthy and dangerous

be righteous learn torah day and night do not mingle with the opposite sex follow the commandments be nice .  do not murder do not steel do not eat from a living animal pursue justice do not commit adultery or incest, do not blaspheme, do not worship idols yes that includes all forms of Christianity! !!!   do what is right in the eyes of the holy G-d blessed be he!!!  love your neighbor as your self do not slander others judge favorably do right, do not just take give give give

come to mnt Zion and pray for Israel's redemption....

thank you and have a great day